728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD

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728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD

728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD
728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD
728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD
728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD
728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD
728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD

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728743-B21: HPE 800GB 6G SATA 2.5 inch VE SSD

Model Number: 728743-B21

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Manufacturer: HPE
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Check our blog post here: https://blog.vertical-enterprise.com/ssd-abbreviations-and-their-meanings-hpe-and-others/ for abbreviations listed in the description below (and others).

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Option PN 461201-B21 ETY (Entry) Solid-state drive with 32GB capacity and SATA 1.5G interface.

HP Enterprise Solid State Drives offer exceptional solid state storage performance for ProLiant servers with peak performance for random data applications. They are designed for enterprise environments that have a variety of write-workload applications and random data.

We all know that SSDs provide much better random read and write I/O operations per second (IOPS) compared to 15K SAS HDDs.
However, the real benefit is recognized in random data applications.
So, these high-performance, low-latency, and low-power SSDs provide extreme system benefits for applications that previously over-provisioned capacity to achieve better performance.
They also remove the latency found in conventional spinning HDDs caused by seek time for each read operation, so they deliver high random read performance.

HP Enterprise Solid State Drives also include surprise power loss protection, and SmartSSD Wear Gauge support.
The SmartSSD Wear Gauge is enabled through the HP Gen8 Smart Carrier. This allows the HP Enterprise SSDs to monitor the amount of data written and let you know when the device is nearing its max supported lifetime.

Reliability is critical for any storage medium, especially so when used in your servers. This generation of HP Enterprise SSDs is expected to have an overall reliability similar to traditional HDDs.

HPE SSDs are fully tested and qualified to assure compatibility with your HP ProLiant and HP BladeSystem solutions.

Available form factors include:
- Small form factor (SFF)
- Large form factor (LFF)
- Quick release carriers
- Non-hot plug (NHP) for general use across the ProLiant portfolio.

There is a correct HP Enterprise SSD for you, and are available in four categories:
- Performance
- Mainstream
- Value
- Boot

The categories listed below indicate the number of drive writes per day (DWPD) that you can expect from the drive.
(DWPD is the max number of 4K host writes to the entire drive capacity of the SSD per day over a 5 year time span.)

Interface12/6 Gb SAS12/6 Gb SAS or 6/3 Gb SATA12/6 Gb SAS or 6/3 Gb SATA6 Gb SATA
EnduranceHigh enduranceMainstream enduranceValue enduranceValue endurance
Up to 25 DWPDUp to 10 DWPDUp to 1 DWPDUp to 1 DWPD
WorkloadUnrestricted read/writeMixed read/writeHigh read/low writeHigh read/dynamic throttled write

HPE also breaks down their categories this way:

Write intensiveMixed useRead intensive
Interface12/6 Gb SAS or 6 Gb SATA NVMe PCIe12/6 Gb SAS or 6 Gb SATA NVMe PCIe12/6 Gb SAS or 6 Gb SATA NVMe PCIe
Endurance>=10 DWPD>1 and <10 DWPD<=1 DWPD
Typical workloadHigh read/write applicationsMixed read/write applicationsHigh read/low write applications

To all of our existing clients over the past 10 years:
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Pricing can be flexible to meet your project and budget needs.

Specifications for HPE Option Number: 728743-B21

HPE Model NumberVK0800GDJYA
Drive Assembly Number717968-003
Option Part Number728743-B21
Spare Part Number728769-001
HPE SSD Part Number Description800GB 6G SATA 2.5in VE SSD
SSD Capacity800GB
Transfer Speed6G
Transfer Speed6Gbps
Form FactorSFF
Device TypeSSD
TypeVE (Value Endurance)
Hot PlugYes
Power Loss Protection-
Digitally Signed FirmwareSee note below
Low Profile Carrier Converter-
Quick Release Carrier-
SAS Protocol Layer-

A note on Digitally Signed (DS) Firmware:
HPE Digitally Signed Firmware is indicated by "DS" in the SKU description of older SKUs. All SDDs in the HPE main portfolio of SKU have digitally signed firmware unless otherwise noted, particularly in newer released SKU (even if DS does not appear in the description).
Digitally Signed Firmware can be confirmed in the capacity/workload tables by SKU number.
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