IBM Power9 PN: 9040-MR9 – Feature Code E950

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IBM Power9 PN: 9040-MR9 - Feature Code E950

IBM Power9 PN: 9040-MR9 - Feature Code E950
IBM Power9 PN: 9040-MR9 - Feature Code E950

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IBM Power9 PN: 9040-MR9 - Feature Code E950

Model Number: 9040-MR9

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Categories: Power
Manufacturer: IBM
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IBM Part Number: 9040-MR9

This PN provides one IBM Power9 for Enterprise.

Due to the variety of configurations of this Power9 server, the best way to get pricing is the Quote form above, or call/email us at the contact info at the top of this page.

Unleash Future-Proof Performance: Why POWER9 is the Enterprise Infrastructure of Tomorrow

Today's enterprise faces ever-evolving challenges: exploding data, demanding workloads, and the need for agile, secure infrastructure. Meet your match with POWER9. This next-generation technology delivers unmatched scalability and performance, empowering you to:

  • Conquer workload complexities: Handle massive datasets, AI applications, and mission-critical tasks with seamless ease. POWER9 boasts 1.5x faster performance than its predecessor, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Embrace the cloud, your way: Seamlessly migrate workloads to the cloud or build a private cloud optimized for data-intensive tasks. POWER9's flexibility empowers you to choose the cloud model that best suits your needs.
  • Future-proof your investment: With its cutting-edge architecture, POWER9 is built to handle tomorrow's demands. Invest in technology that grows with you, not against you.

IBM Power Systems are engineered for the most rigorous and data-intensive computing tasks on the planet. These servers, primed for cloud deployment, empower you to extract valuable insights from your data flow - whether it's overseeing mission-critical data, managing operational data repositories and reservoirs, or facilitating top-tier performance in cognitive computing.

With unmatched reliability and security measures, our infrastructure is crafted to effortlessly handle the most demanding data workloads imaginable, all while safeguarding your business interests.

The IBM Power System E950 presents a distinctive fusion of enterprise-grade functionalities within a dependable, space-saving 4-socket 4U form factor, delivering outstanding performance at a reasonable cost. Featuring two to four IBM POWER9 processors in configurations of eight, ten, eleven, or twelve cores, along with up to 16 TB of DDR4 memory, integrated PowerVM virtualization, and Capacity on Demand (CoD), no other 4-socket system in the industry matches this blend of per-core performance, effectiveness, and business adaptability.

Ideal for expanding medium-sized businesses or serving as a departmental server or foundational component for large enterprise data centers, the Power E950 offers an open, data-centric design characteristic of Power Systems. This design seamlessly integrates computing power, memory bandwidth, and extensive data pathways to facilitate the processing and movement of data across applications in a more accessible and manageable manner.

The Power E950 server optimizes throughput through the utilization of new POWER9 processors capable of supporting simultaneous multi-threading of up to eight threads per core (SMT8). Each Single Chip Module includes on-chip memory controllers and can leverage up to 128 MB off-chip eDRAM L4 cache, delivering a remarkable 230 GB/sec of memory bandwidth per socket. Additionally, I/O bandwidth sees a significant increase thanks to the integration of new PCIe Gen4 I/O controllers directly into the processors, further reducing latency.

As the cornerstone for a private cloud infrastructure capable of driving large-scale, mission-critical applications essential for leveraging data as a competitive advantage, the IBM Power E950 is tailored to meet your specific needs and comes equipped with enterprise-class security and efficient, integrated IBM PowerVM virtualization, ready for deployment.

MTM (Machine Type and Model9040-MR9
Form Factor4U
Processor Socket2S to 4S
number of cores32, 40, 44, or 48 cores
Memory DIMM Slots128 DDR4 ISDIMMs
Memory - Max16TB
Built-In IBM PowerVMYes
PCIe Gen4 Slots10 Slots
Operating SystemAIX, Linux
Processor Cores (POWER9)Up to 48 cores - 12 core processor sockets at 3.15 to 3.80 GHz (max) Up to 44 cores - 11 core processor sockets at 3.2 to 3.80 GHz (max) Up to 40 cores - 10 core processor sockets at 3.40 to 3.80 GHz (max) Up to 32 cores - 8 core processor sockets at 3.60 to 3.80 GHz (max)
Sockets2, 3, or 4
Level 2 (L2) cache512 K
Level 3 (L3) cache10MB
Level 4 (L4) cache per processor128 MB
Enterprise Memory (RAM)Up to 128 DDR4 Industry Standard DIMMs 128GB to 16TB (max)
Processor-to-Memory bandwidth230GBps per socket
Integrated PCIe adapter slotsUp to 10 hot-swap PCIe Gen4 slots; x16: 4 - 8 (2 per socket), x8: 2 1 PCIe Gen3 x8 slot (reserved for default Ethernet - 2 x 10 Gb LAN)
Internal Storage bays U.2 drives8 hot-swap SFF SAS bays + 4 NVMe bays

- SAS HDD/SSD SFF 2.5 inch 15mm

- Standard RAID 0,1,5,6,10 support and SAS Split disk capability

- 4x NVMe SSD thin SFF 2.5 inch 7mm slots
PCIe Expansion Drawers (12 PCIe Gen3 slots each)Up to 4
Max DASD/SSD I/O Drawers (24 SFF bays each)64 EXP24SX I.O drawers
Flexible Service Processor1
IBM POWER HypervisorTMLPAR, Dynamic LPAR; Virtual LAN (Memory to memory inter-partition communication)
PowerVM Enterprise Edition20 Micro-Partitions per processor; Multiple Shared Processor Pools; Virtual I/O Server; Shared Dedicated Capacity; Live Partition Mobility (LPM) and Active Memory Sharing* (AMS); NovaLink (virtualization management agent)
RAS featuresFirst Failure Data Capture Processor instruction retry

L2 and L3 Cache ECC protection with cache line-delete

Integrated Power/cooling monitor function in processor on chip controller Fabric bus retry with spare data lane

Extended Cache line delete Core contained checkstops

Memory DIMM support with ECC checking supporting x4 Chipkill

IBM memory buffr and Spare DRAM module capability with x4 DIMMs PCIe adapter hot-plug

Redundant voltage convertors/power supplies Selective dynamic fimware updates

Active Memory Mirroring for Hypervisor (optional)
Capacity on Demand featuresProcessor and/or Memory Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD) Elastic Processor and/or Memory Capacity on Demand (ECoD) Trail Processor and/or Memory CoD

Utility CoD
Cloud Management and Deployment featuresIBM Cloud Power VC Manager HMC Apps as a Service

IBM API Connect and Websphere Connect

Open source cloud automation and confiuration tooling for AIX Power to Cloud Rewards - 5,000 points
Operating systemsAIX and Linux
High availabilityPowerHA Editions
Power requirementsOperating voltage: 200 to 240V AC
System dimensionsFour EIA (4U) space in a 19-inch rack Width: 449 mm (17.6 in.)

Depth: 901.7 mm (35.5 in.)

Height: 175 mm (6.9 in.)