9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD

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9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD
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9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD

9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD
9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD

Home / Shop / Dell / EMC / Storage (Dell / EMC)

9F3GY: Dell (Intel) 800GB SSD SATA 2.5 inch 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD

Model Number: 9F3GY

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Manufacturer: Dell EMC
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Dell Part Number 9F3GY (Intel Part Number - SC2BX800G4R from the Intel DC S3610 Series) is an SATA Enterprise Class 2.5 inch SFF Multi Level Cell (MLC) Mixed Use Enterprise SSD with a 6Gbps Data Transfer Rate.

Compatible with Dell
PowerEdge 1900
PowerEdge 1950
PowerEdge 2900
PowerEdge 2950
PowerEdge 6900
PowerEdge 6950
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R310
PowerEdge R410
PowerEdge R510
PowerEdge R610
PowerEdge R710
PowerEdge R810
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R910
PowerEdge R415
PowerEdge R515
PowerEdge R715
PowerEdge R805
PowerEdge R815
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge R320
PowerEdge R420
PowerEdge R520
PowerEdge R620
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R720XD
PowerEdge R820
PowerEdge R920
PowerEdge R630
PowerEdge R730
PowerEdge R730XD
PowerEdge T310
PowerEdge T410
PowerEdge T610
PowerEdge T710
PowerEdge T320
PowerEdge T420
PowerEdge T620
PowerEdge T430
PowerEdge T630
PowerEdge M600
PowerEdge M605
PowerEdge M805
PowerEdge M905
PowerEdge M1000e
PowerVault MD1120
PowerVault MD1220
PowerVault MD3220
PowerVault MD3220i
PowerVault MD3620i
PowerVault MD3620f
PowerVault M610
PowerVault M610X
PowerVault M710
PowerVault M710HD
PowerVault M910
PowerVault M915
PowerVault M420
PowerVault M520
Precision R5500
and more!

This drive is a genuine Dell (Intel) 9F3GY 800GB SSD DC S3610 Series MLC 6G SATA III 2.5 inch SFF Enterprise Class

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Specs for 9F3GY
ManufacturerIntel SSD DC S3610 Series
Intel Part NumberSSDSC2BX800G4R
Dell Part Number9F3GY
Code NameProducts formerly Haleyville
Capacity800 GB
Lithography Type20 nm
Sequential Bandwidth - 100 percent Read (up to)550 MB/s
Sequential Bandwidth - 100 percent Write (up to)520 MB/s
Random Read (100 percent Span)84000 IOPS
Random Write (100 percent Span)28000 IOPS
Latency - Read55 microseconds
Latency - Write66 microseconds
Power - Active6.0 W
Power - Idle0.6 W
Vibration - Operating2.17 GRMS (5-700Hz)
Vibration - Non-Operating3.13 GRMS (5-800Hz)
Shock (Operating and Non-Operating)1,000 G/0.5 ms
Operating Temperature Range0 degrees C to 70 degrees C
Operating Temperature (Maximum)70 degrees C
Operating Temperature (Minimum)0 degrees C
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)2000000
Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER)1 sector per 10 to the power of 17 bits read
WeightAbout 88 grams
Form Factor2.5 inch 7mm
InterfaceSATA 3.0 6Gb/S
Enhanced Power Loss Data ProtectionYes
Hardware EncryptionAES 256 bit
High Endurance Technology (HET)Yes
Temperature Monitoring and LoggingYes
End-to-End Data ProtectionYes